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Crisis Housing

ACRO has organised and operated emergency accommodation since the early 1970s. There are many within our community who cannot easily access private or public housing. A rental crisis coupled with limited social and affordable housing are leading an increasing number to live in their cars, couch surf, sleep in parks and in dangerous circumstances. The provision of emergency accommodation will continue to be a priority for ACRO into the future.

Emergency Relief

ACRO has always provided financial, emotional and other support for those in desperate circumstances. The presumption that all citizens in first world countries are coping financially is flawed. There are many whose daily struggle to feed themselves and their families is onerous. In the past we have assisted with rental payments, utility payments, bond assistance, moving expenses and a host of other involvements to assist the poor in our community.


The Elderly

ACRO has an active engagement with older members of our society. We are strong supporters of the notion that people should remain in their own homes for as long as possible. ACRO provides subsidized home maintenance and modifications for the elderly to enable them to achieve this goal. We will continue to support the needs of the elderly. We recognise the social isolation that many experience and will be piloting an "ageing in place" program for collectives of older people within their own communities.



Refugee Support​

There has been much debate about refugees throughout the world. We, as international citizens, have an obligation to respond to the needs of those whose persecution in war-torn circumstances have forced them to flee their homes to find sanctuary elsewhere,. ACRO is a proud supporter of refugees and will continue to act responsibly in their repatriation to a new life in Australia. 



ACRO has a long history of engagement with local communities in the research and development of strategies that resolve conflict and reduce fear. With the uncertainties of climate change, economic hardship, the ageing population, dis-coordinated services and the like, the need for further interventions will be necessary. ACRO will continue with its work in the reduction of fear and the coordination of whole-of-community responses to social problems.


Young People 

ACRO believes that our youth are pivotal to our future. We will continue to promote and engage young people in the debates that will help shape them. We feel that one of the best ways to mentor young people to leadership is through inter-generational involvement - the young learning from the old and vice versa. We will continue to nurture youth leadership through collaboration and consultation.

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