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Project of the Month

Schools Assist Project

ACRO's latest initiative is its Schools Assist Project funded under the Dignity First project.

This Program is designed to provide funding for direct education for children of CALD clients who are homeless and accessing crisis housing support. Families in these
circumstances often need to move multiple times within a short time period in order to access short term community housing and their longer term social housing. This means that children can be required to change schools which imposes considerable additional costs in terms of uniforms, school books and levies. In addition families have little disposable income to apply towards key learning resources such as a laptop required for their children to adequately participate in schooling requirements for assessment. This funding will
enable ACRO to provide families with a fund where they could afford to meet the educational costs of their children without the need to take out a variety of loan products and/or access second hand items which is how families currently try to manage these nonnegotiable costs. As most of our CALD clients have large families our clients currently often have to try to choose which of their children they will be able to assist. This grant would increase dignity, opportunity and choice. ACRO will provide in kind support through staff liaison with clients to assess the need for assistance.

ACRO's mandate for social justice extends across all levels of social disadvantage. We have supported the unemployed, the homeless, younger and older people, prisoner families, victims of crime, local communities and refugees. We cannot solely rely upon government funding to continue our work. Your benefaction is vital to continue our mission. ACRO incorporates Stafford Home Assist, Home Maintenance and Modifications (CLICK HERE).

We live in a time of significant disharmony within our society. There are those amongst us who would seek to create conflict on the basis of ethnicity, religion and life choices.Good Citizens will always defend each other. It is not enough to stand by whilst discrimination and hate speech and action is promoted or practiced. We ask you to engage in our work at all levels - donate, volunteer, become an active and responsible citizen.

ACRO is a social justice organisation committed to the development of a safe and caring society with a vision is to be a sustainable and innovative Organisation respected locally and nationally and recognized for delivering a diverse and competitive range of high quality Community Safety and Social Justice related services 

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