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COVID-19 Update 2023

We are now in the social recovery stage of the pandemic where normalized relationships are being reinvigorated. Many within our community are now adopting a lassiez faire attitude, a move encouraged by governments throughout the country, acknowledging that COVID remains active but that cautionary self-regulated measures are the responsibility of the individual. Those who are vulnerable should continue to adopt preventative measures including updating of vaccination as it becomes available, mask-wearing indoors, meetings in outdoor settings, limiting physical contact and maintaining hand-sanitizing. The vaccination of the Australian population has been substantially successful even though detractors who seek to minimize the significance of the virus and those who subscribe to conspiracies about the etiology of the virus remain an active force within our community. The conflicting thoughts can be confusing but the overriding consideration remains science and the advice from medical experts. We are far from over this pandemic with more variants likely to emerge over time – this has been the experience of the first pandemic, influenza, which has regularly morphed and continues to cause death and harm over a hundred years later. We ask that you exercise common sense in order to avoid exposure by simply adopting preventative measures that are known to work. The mask is inconvenient however it IS our friend. The past years have been difficult for many. It is right that we be optimistic for the future but it is also sensible to feed that optimism with caution.

For additional news and information about COVID-19 please refer to the Queensland  Department of Health website at: 




“As we advance in life it becomes more and more difficult, but in fighting the difficulties the inmost strength of the heart is developed.” – Vincent Van Gogh

"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less." - Marie Curie

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ACRO's mandate for social justice extends across all levels of social disadvantage. We have supported the unemployed, the homeless, younger and older people, prisoner families, victims of crime, local communities and refugees. We cannot solely rely upon government funding to continue our work. Your benefaction is vital to continue our mission. ACRO incorporates Stafford Home Assist, Home Maintenance and Modifications (CLICK HERE).

We live in a time of significant disharmony within our society. There are those amongst us who would seek to create conflict on the basis of ethnicity, religion and life choices.Good Citizens will always defend each other. It is not enough to stand by whilst discrimination and hate speech and action is promoted or practiced. We ask you to engage in our work at all levels - donate, volunteer, become an active and responsible citizen.

ACRO is a social justice organisation committed to the development of a safe and caring society with a vision is to be a sustainable and innovative Organisation respected locally and nationally and recognized for delivering a diverse and competitive range of high quality Community Safety and Social Justice related services 

Contact Phone Numbers:

ACRO Head Office 

07 3856 6111

ACRO Home Maintenance  

07 3856 6222

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